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Practically difficult online, and not within the scope, experience or credible professional qualification of most dowsing organisations, any truly valid and worthwhile certification has to be based solely upon competence; through thorough testing of dowsing knowledge and practical competence.

For the first time anywhere online, we are extremely proud to present our Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency; aimed  specifically to provide dowsers with a meaningful and valid certificate in the practice and application of basic dowsing skills.

Designed and delivered by the college, this is the first genuinely professional online programme of its kind anywhere in the world today, and certainly the most professionally credible. With comprehensive online, distance and real-time testing by college tutors, including specific and traditionally accepted formal learning materials and where applicable course book, we believe that our Certificate of Dowsing Proficiency will become the standard for online assessments in dowsing practices, processes and protocols.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone with dowsing ability can apply, however, we should make it clear that the testing process is not for beginners or dowsers with little or no practical experience in dowsing. Whilst the recommended course book and online guidance and lessons will provide all of the necessary dowsing information and guidance, the certificate is biased towards practical dowsing ability, which means thorough testing of your dowsing skills through practical dowsing exercises and assignments. Ideally, those applying will have some practical experience in a range of dowsing skills, including map dowsing, chart dowsing and dowsing for answers.

What You Will Get?

Applicants will receive secure access to our online Certificate Programme, which includes:

  1. Access to the Complete Learn Dowsing, Map Dowsing and Chart Dowsing courses, which provide the knowledge, instruction, practical exercises and support necessary to pass the Certificate. Those who have already enrolled in and Complete Learn Dowsing Course with us will have their original course fee deducted from their Certificate Programme Fee.
  2.  Certificate Programe Content, which includes, The Complete Learn Dowsing, Map Dowsing and Chart Dowsing courses, our Certificate guidelines and assessment criteria
  3. ALL necessary course materials are provided by The College, and are inclusive within the Certificate fee
  4. Ongoing and unlimited tutor support
  5. Our unique, real-time online examination and practical dowsing tests
  6. Final grades will range from pass to creditor and distinction
  7. A Unique Dowsing Certificate for graduating students from The British College of Dowsing
  8. In the event of failing the first examination, participating students will be given the opportunity to re-sit a different/second examination within 3 months. The Certificate element of the Programme Fee will be re-payable
  9. All participants will receive one year’s complimentary membership to The British College of Dowsing
  10. Certificate holders will have the opportunity to be presented and promoted on The College website as a graduate amateur dowsers

Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency Fee Structure

The  Certificate Programme fee will be specifically related to our required level of dowsing ability. Because there is no universally accepted standard for dowsing courses, we have to insist upon a standard that is set by the College.

£ 189.00

£ 189.00.00 less your original complete learn dowsing course fee

How To Apply

If you are interested in our Certificate of Dowsing Proficiency Programme, simply register by enrolling below. We will confirm your enrollment upon receipt of your payment.

The Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency

Registration & Enrollment

To register for this program, simply add it to the cart below and checkout. Once the payment process is complete you will be directed to a download area where you can download the confirmation of your registration, and instructions as to how you will receive your unique password to access the Learning Centre and the course trainer contact information. It is a simple and easy process.

Course Fee: £189.00 including >>>

Unlimited access to our online Learning Centre during your period of study

Credible testing of your dowsing skills

Professionally structured and guided lessons that are easy to understand and follow

Your FREE copy of The Dowsing Companion to support what you learn

Tutor support to guide you all the way

Backed by our GUARANTEE of satisfaction

Certification for successful students

1 Year’s complimentary membership to The College

Refund Policy please see out terms*

Registration & Enrollment

Enroll in this course £179.00

As soon as we receive your enrollment you will be contacted by the College Administrator to confirm your acceptance for this course and to provide you with course access. Thank you.