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Psychic Self Defense by David Green

With the dawning of the 'new age, the 'century of self' and the explosion of self-help, mind awakening and personal development books, audios, videos, DVD's, weekend workshops and courses, came a semi awakening of consciousness that has had a great impact, and not necessarily for the greater good of all concerned. Important information that had previously been suppressed for centuries, passed down only into the hands of those who spent a lifetime in apprenticeship, and who had been very cautiously selected for the purpose, is now being turned into sound bites, clichés, catch phrases and condensed content that lacks its original intent, integrity, ritual, deep understanding, knowledge, and the time served right of use through wisdom, responsibility and discernment. Today, almost everyone can afford the latest secret, short cut, attraction technique, quick fix or one step simplistic guide to becoming a practitioner of something, a gem therapist or hypnotherapy; and even a master in just a few short weekends.

For this new age breed of seeker with a distinct need to ' find themselves' in months instead of a whole lifetime, there are any number of people only too willing to charge higher fees for the provisions of an illusion that promises to fast tracking income, spirituality, charisma, healing powers and attraction. And for the financially challenged,these snake oil salesmen and women know now moral limits. With very little (and spiritually dangerous) knowledge and a smattering of imagination they have found more money making schemes in the form of how-to's, talismans, fairy, goblin, wizard, witch and anything in between oracle cards that will apparently work the miracles by foretelling the future and protecting them from everything but themselves, it would seem.

And so it is that stories are told, then the mysteries are sold to a new age of seeker for whom the self gratuitous satisfaction of raising nothing more than their self-esteem, and the many illusions of being more than they are prepared to work hard to become and earn the rights of passage, are all so readily catered for in a world where people would rather experience the temporary high of thinking that they are something, rather than actually being authentic.

This aspect of the new age is perhaps one of the most concerning for a number or reasons, not least the often naive and spiritually idealistic theologies of those who ignoring and often invalidating psychic protection have probably never seriously studied the occult in any greater depth than to read populist new age books or attend the odd weekend seminar. This material is all too often written by new age enthusiasts with nothing more than a few years experience with crystals, flower essences, the tarot, tropical astrology, color therapy, angel therapy, aura-soma, massage therapy or any one of a number of relatively new practices, lacking, for the most part in any real study of the ancient wisdom, theology, esoteric or occult doctrines and practices. It is not my motive to criticize such practices, merely my experience in dealing with the low frequencies over more than two and a half decades, that leads me to have little time for weekend warriors who ignore and invalidate the sharp edged swords and lethal arrows of the lower and often dark frequencies.

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with new age practices in principle,for pleasure and entertainment, the serious study of anything related to subtle energies without considering psychic protection, is akin to the electrician who refuses to switch the fuse box off to change an electric socket. If he electrocutes himself that is one thing, but to leave others prey to exposed wiring and the dangers of electric shock is quite another.

The alternative practitioner, teacher, trainer, and especially self styled master, with no PRACTICAL knowledge nor experience of the subject of psychic protection can therefore be no more than a spiritual quack.

And so it is that, just as the electrician protects himself against the dangers of dealing with electricity, all human beings act with caution and due regard for the everyday dangers of driving, crossing the road, cooking with gas and dealing with the many hazards of modern living. We are all, by design and genetic programming, only too well aware of our natural desire to be safe, to survive and protect ourselves from all perceived dangers; physical, mental and emotional. We save for a ' rainy day' and insure ourselves against death, disease, illness and injury, yet through all of that, we remain, for the most part, ignorant and unprotected against the most constantly intrusive and malevolent subtle forces against which insurance, locks and keys, protective clothing and buildings are rendered utterly powerless.

Powerlessness often comes from ignorance, lack of knowledge, awareness and understanding, and often merely a general disregard for one's position in the first place. This is never more so than with the unseen, and for the most part and by most people, unperceived world of psychic forces. The predominance of the philosophy that seeing is believing leaves the world vulnerable to, and firmly in the clutches of, psychic forces that, because they cannot be perceived by the average person, are all too readily invalidated and ignored. Until we change our perception we will never change the possession that this unseen world holds over us.  Until such time, our only defense against such forces is our knowledge, our awareness and daily regard for it through simple protection mechanisms that hold such forces at bay.

These forces to which I refer are of course, to the unseen, and equally disabling forces of the psychic world. They are the subtle energies with which we share space, and whose frequencies can impact our lives with resounding, and as yet scientifically unknown, undiscovered, and by default, unappreciated effect.

So unappreciated are these forces, that few psychic classes, meditation techniques, new age fads and fancies and many of the dowsing and other consciousness raising programs even mention them, let alone provide suitable instruction in defense against them. Ask the average alternative practitioner if they practice psychic protection and the most common response will be something like, ' Oh that. No, I don't have to, because I always work in the light., Or ' No, I am protected by the forces that I work with, ‘ or worse still, ‘ psychic protection, what’s that?’

Even the most basis understanding of subtle energies and psychic protection would contest such statements as being naive at best, and where a person is working with or on behalf of others for healing or meditation purposes, bordering on professional negligence.

If you have experienced unusual tiredness, feelings of unexplained depression or anxiety, uneasiness about your surroundings, almost insignificant but reoccurring accidents, a feeling of being ungrounded, spaced out or somehow disassociated with life in some way, then you may have been the victim of a psychic attack in one form or another.

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The subject of psychic protection, psychic self defense, psychic defense or defense against the dark arts, is for most people something that would probably draw a breath of hesitation, and almost certainly a moment of reflection, as their mind searches through its memory banks for some reasonable frame of reference. After a few seconds of conscious thought they would almost certainly draw upon fleeting recollections of movies containing images of demons, devils, and probably the odd memory of a Dennis Wheatley, Dracula or vampire film, designed of course for nothing more than commercial sensationalism and the temporary suspension of disbelief.

To the average person, psychic self defense is something reserved for the world of fiction, and it is certainly not a subject that they would consider serious, significant to their life, nor indeed probably even of any real concern.

Even to the new breed of new age believers in spiritual and esoteric concepts, such matters are often ignored, and indeed all too frequently dismissed entirely as insignificant when working, as they all too frequently say, ' in the light' or ' for a higher purpose.'

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