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Due Diligence

We take matters of discernment and psychic protection very seriously indeed. The British College of Dowsing is a professional training organisation, and our reputation for doing so with the highest professionalism and integrity are very importance to us.

For that reasons, some courses require participants to demonstrate that they have already achieved a suitable level of competence to follow more advanced or potentially challenging area of study. This is especially important where students participate in activities such as health dowsing, spiritual dowsing, soul rescue and spirit release work for example.

Other courses require a basic foundation of knowledge, and sometimes experience, for students to be able to participate in them, such as in the NLP modules, which are designed to build a comprehensive understanding of the subject by following a progressive series of courses.

Where you are unable to find a course outline or enrollment page on this web site, it will be because that course has a qualifying pre-requisite requirement to enroll on it. Below is a list of the courses that have such a requirement. The qualifying course or courses are highlighted to the right of the courses in question, and they link to the relevant course details for your information and guidance.

You may also register with the College to receive updates and advanced notifications regarding subjects that are of interest to you at the bottom of the page.

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Learn To Dowse or equivalent AND Intermediate Dowsing

Learn To Dowse, A Course In Discernment and Psychic Protection

A Course In Discernment

A Course In Discernment and up to Advanced Dowsing

Introduction To Psychic Protection

Complete Learn Dowsing, Map Dowsing & Chart Dowsing