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Pendulum Dowsing

The key to pendulum dowsing is to understand that dowsing is a skill just like any other, and anyone can learn to dowse in just a few hours. To dowse well however, like any skill, requires, practice, time and experience, and it depends upon the type of dowsing that one practices, because the more subtle energies one dowses with, the more there is to know, to understand and to do.

For example, in the UK particularly, many earth energy, archeological dowsers or water divining dowsers, tend to ignore the need for psychic protection when foraging in the woods, looking around historical mounds, wondering around church yards or searching for water and energy lines in the countryside, despite their grave warnings to others; from whom they charge fees of course, of the dangers of noxious energies. And so it would seem, for the earth energy dowser, that the entire process is somewhat mechanical, less concerned with process and protection and more with simply getting results easily and as effortlessly as possible. Pendulum dowsing, however, is more concerned with protection, process, respect and ecological balance, as well as time served experience, focus and a lot of self discipline.

Where an earth energy dowser will move an energy line with little thought for the consequences of such a shift a few miles down the road, a pendulum dowser will work to harmonize the energy to those affected by it, leaving it where it is supposed to be, and changing nothing but the cause of disharmony. Indeed I have heard of leaders of dowsing groups who should know better, talking of shifting energy lines out of the way, moving them a few feet to one side and of protection saying things like,  ‘ you don't need protection’, ‘ we are all protected by the work that we do,’ and other equally naive statements. One witch whom I met only recently told me that she was protected by the trees that she worked with, showing that she clearly has no concept for the frequencies that she is playing with. I say ‘ playing’ because no self respecting energy worker would work in such a way, and would take nothing for granted.

Pendulum dowsers by contrast tend generally to have a higher regard and a far greater respect for subtle energies, and would not consider picking up any dowsing implement (pendulum, rod or bobber) without first grounding and protecting themselves against the very energies that they believe in in the first place. More of protection another time, but for now the beginner or novice dowser should know that the Pendulum is a most fascinating tool for answering questions, uncovering information, learning about places, events, people and circumstances as well as communicating with spirit, and even performing exorcism, or souls release work for those with the stomach, the strength of mind and vast dowsing experience.

For less ambitious dowsers, the art can be none-the-less less informative, intriguing and inspiring, leaving nothing left to the imagination, and no more secrets to which the experienced dowser cannot reveal an answer or some information that will lead to an answer.

Dowsing is experiencing somewhat of a comeback, however, not necessarily for all the right reasons, with many less scrupulous writers, publishers and new age organisations promoting its use without sufficient regard for the potential dangers that exist in playing around with or experimenting with the subtle and yet sometimes troublesome, annoying or even unfriendly ethereal energies. Whilst dowsing is safe enough when practiced with respect, and in association with proven protocols, the words respect and protocols are the key, and to do less is akin to experimenting with a Ouija board, and ill advised under any circumstance.

When practiced properly the experience of dowsing can be highly satisfying and rewarding, and can lead us into the most wonderful and gratifying area of human experience that can only be achieved at a higher level of consciousness - more accurately from a human perspective, unconsciousness, as the process is one of communication through the unconscious and not the conscious mind.

By David Green

The British College of Dowsing