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The causes of psychic attack

Psychic Attack

For our purposes, psychic attack means any unwanted or potentially harmful energetic interference with the human organism and consciousness, and includes that which can be achieved on any level and plane of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (subtle energies).

Not everything bad, negative or unfortunate that happens to a person, or happens in their life is because of psychic attack. Excluding serious illness and disease for one moment, it is more common for people to suffer the cause and effect of their own attitudes, behaviour or decisions, but taking responsibility for such outcomes is not something that most people have learned to do, and it is always far easier to look for something outside of themselves to blame first.

In psychology, there is concept called ‘conspiracy theory’, in which the mere knowledge of something encourages a person to see or believe that they have experienced it, and psychic attacks, links and attachments are no different. It is not uncommon for people to study spiritual matters and then to experience them for themselves, merely because the brain always goes in the direction of its most dominant thought. The subconscious is very good at proving our reality to us by seeking out supposed evidence in the ‘real world.’

There is no doubt that psychic attacks are on the increase, however, we must not forget that within our definition of ‘psychic attack’ we included all manner of energetic influences including links and attachments.

Psychic attack can be achieved on any level and plane of our being, physical, mental, emotional AND SPIRITUAL, and it can occur for a number of reasons:

By David Green

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