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Learn Psychic Protection (Online Course)

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What You Will Learn

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Delivered entirely online through our online Learning Centre and with individual tutor support, you will receive password access to the dedicated Learn Dowsing Program. Within the Classroom are the course Modules containing the individual Lessons, comprehensive instruction, dowsing charts, tips and techniques, audio learning modules and a support notice board for you to learn dowsing online in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

Nothing could be simpler or more efficient for you and your time!

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Registration & Enrollment

Enroll in the Psychic Protection Course £69.00

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What is Psychic Protection?

Contrary to popular belief, Psychic Protection is not just about the process of protection from the dark arts, and the most common forms of psychic attack come from less obvious and more covert sources.

The human organism, and more specifically its etheric field, is vulnerable to penetration or links and attachments from all energetic fields with which is can come into contact, especially at an invisible and unconscious level when we are engaged in psychic, occult or alternative activities and pursuits. This includes activities like meditation, dowsing, psychic readings and especially when giving or receiving a massage or spiritual healing from another person.

What many people are not aware of however, is that some everyday environments attract more than their fair share of energetic frequencies and entities too. It is whilst being in these locations that we can unknowingly pick up links and attachments that can interfere with our energy fields, and even our physical and mental states. Such environments include hospitals, dental surgeries, pubs and wine bars and even, believe it or not, shopping centres and sports clubs. Unbelievable though this may seem at a down to earth and purely logical level, the occult and esoteric science behind this needs to be understood to be believed and considered from an informed standpoint.

This Introduction to Psychic Protection is designed to lead you through the maze of belief, superstition and fact, and provide you with the information to make an informed decision and the practical tools, techniques and strategies to do something about it.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Everyone, because these energies and frequencies are not discerning and can and do affect all of us. However, this course is of particular benefit to anyone who engages in esoteric, spiritual and alternative activities of any kind, including meditation, dowsing, all environments that involve begin in close proximity to anyone who is experiencing strong emotional states, such as counseling, hypnotherapy and alternative therapies and practices.

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The Health & Safety of Spiritual Practice
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Learn Psychic Protection