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Learn Dowsing - For Beginners (Online Course)

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What You Will Learn

  1. The processes and dynamics of dowsing
  2. A brief history of dowsing
  3. An introduction to grounding and protection
  4. How to dowse
  5. Dowsing Etiquette

Programme Delivery (Click here to see the course contents)

Delivered entirely online through our online Learning Centre and with individual tutor support, you will receive password access to the dedicated Learn Dowsing Program. Within the Classroom are the course Modules containing the individual Lessons, comprehensive instruction, dowsing charts, tips and techniques, audio learning modules and a support notice board for you to learn dowsing online in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

Nothing could be simpler or more efficient for you and your time!

Registration & Enrollment

To register for this program, simply add it to the cart below and checkout. Once the payment process is complete you will be directed to a download area where you can download the confirmation of your registration, and instructions as to how you will receive your unique password to access the Learning Centre and the course trainer contact information. It is a simple and easy process.

Course Fee: £29.00 including >>>

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Unlimited access to our online Learning Centre

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Professionally structured and guided lessons that are easy to understand and follow

Your FREE copy of Learn To Dowse to support what you learn

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Registration & Enrollment

Enroll in the Learn To Dowse Course £29.00

As soon as we receive your enrollment you will be contacted by the College Administrator to confirm your acceptance for this course and to provide you with course access. Thank you.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a process of discovery that enables us to tap in to the deep unconscious and retrieve information relating to almost anything from where to find lost objects to the great unknown.\

More traditionally used by earth energy dowsers to find water, oil, minerals and other natural substances and energies, dowsing has also been used for millennia by more advanced cultures to uncover the secrets of spirituality, as well as for communicating with spirit and in facilitating good health.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of dowsing, apart from the fact that today doctors, dentists, engineers, psychologists psychiatrists and even scientists use it, is the fact that those who learn this ancient skill always wonder how they ever managed without it, for dowsing also holds the key to any number of life issues and challenges, as well as unknown opportunities and lucky breaks.

of dowsing it can be said that it is the closest thing that you will ever have to a crystal ball. Find out for yourself in this inexpensive online Learn Dowsing For beginners Course.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

This is a how-to course for beginners that shows how to dowse using a pendulum. It is for anyone who is interested in developing their intuition and intuitive skills. It is also useful for people wanting to find lost objects, locations and answers to almost any question.

This course is open to everyone.

Course Prerequisites and Enrolment Requirements: NONE

You will wonder how you ever managed without this amazing skill

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