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How Dowsing Works

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The human organism is affected by electro-magnetic fields. We have three sensors; one in the pituitary gland and two in the adrenal glands that are very effective at picking up electromagnetic energies. They are so effective because there are three of them which provides us with three points of reference upon which to pinpoint any source, such as moving water underground for example.

Any energy flow creates electromagnetic fields which can be picked up by our internal sensors. Just like the ears can detect volume, pitch and the direction of sound and the eyes can detect shades of light and colour, these sensors seem to be able to pick up patterns of energy and their direction. Thus the subconscious mind can gain access to information relating to energy sources (and not just those emanating from below ground it would seem), including even the more subtle energies it would seem, that science has neither knowledge of, nor the ability to measure with technology.

Dowsing forms the link, or bridge, between the subconscious, the 'All That is' (some would call this God),and through the pendulum, the conscious mind.

The pendulum, rod or bobber subtly magnify information passed to them from the muscles, which in turn are influenced by the unconscious mind. This information is transmitted to the muscles in the form of subtle involuntary movements by the subconscious mind. Testing shows that accomplished dowsers actually move their pendulum, rod or bobber with tiny involuntary muscle movements. So it is not hard to see how water and other energies can be detected through dowsing when one considers the mind's vast and untapped perceptive abilities.

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By David Green

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