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How Can I Learn To Dowse?

There are several ways to learn how to dowse, and we would advise you to chose the one that feels the most comfortable to you, and best suits your own style of learning.

A polite, but serious warning to beginner dowsers

Whilst the process of dowsing is safe when practiced properly, we would be remiss if we did not warn you of the potential pitfalls that the inexperienced or unprepared dowser can encounter if they are not suitably trained. Some forms of dowsing are akin to the Ouija process when not carried out correctly, and for that very reason, a basic knowledge and understanding of psychic protection would be wise. Any course that does not include this is, in our professional opinion, to be avoided because it shows the level to which the individual, organisation or trainer is lacking in experience and knowledge. BE WARY of anyone who skirts over the issue, passes it off as ' nothing to worry about', or worse still, tells you that you are protected just by being with them or by being on their course. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

Dowsing can be learned in a whole host of different ways from books, courses, workshops and even one-to-one from a dowsing coach or mentor. Be careful of this too. It is our experience that many organisations, clubs and individuals have turned to training, coaching and mentoring in recent years more for financial gain than altruistic motives, and few are professionally qualified to teach, trainer, coach or mentor. Our advice would be to learn from an established organisation or other recommended dowser with experience in dowsing and teaching over many years. If you want further assistance we are happy to point you in the right direction of a suitable teacher or coach. If it is more appropriate for your own individual needs, we can advise you as to the best course or workshop to develop your dowsing skills. We can assist you wherever you are, because our associations include other professional dowsing bodies worldwide. Contact Us

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By Brian Evans

The British College of Dowsing