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The art of appreciation


Gratitude is one of those words that we all know and instantly recognise, but is it one that we use outside of the robotic please and thank you that so many people seem unable to say these days? Of course, it is because their minds are in another place and time completely; drawn in to some imaginary hustle and bustle that changes their state and makes them impatient, intolerant and generally quite, stern, sad and even unhappy looking. I mean this as a disappointing observation, not a criticism because modern society seems determined to prize us away from real connection with ourselves and into the void of advertising, general pettiness, silly rules and even more ridiculous regulations, not to mention other people's demands on our mental and emotional space. Isn't it great? I think we should praise it all for its amazing ability to show us just how wonderfully enlightening diversity can actually be

You see, it is only when we really notice and think about diversity that we can begin to see the things that we dont want in our lives and appreciate the things that we do want. If we bothered to take the time to look through the magnificence of diversity we would find the freshness of opportunity and the awesome significance of knowing the difference as it relates to our own lives. Well, we could if we took the time to look and if we are able to rise above our social conditioning and seek our own truth and see our amazing abundance.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing our society is that by its very nature we are bound and gagged by slavish consumerism, and with it, an increasing lack of appreciation and gratitude for what we actually do have. No longer do we hope to have something one day and enjoy the journey towards getting it. No longer do we expect to wait and save for luxuries like washing machines, telephones, fridges, televisions and cars. It would seem that gratitude has been replaced through social conditioning by expectation and the feeling that we somehow have a right to own those things.

With this slavish consumerism has come contempt through expectation and familiarity, and with it has evolved a society manipulated by the fear of loss; and even fear of itself. God bless diversity, for when we look, not at society, but inside ourselves, we can if we dare, see that we ARE that society and we ARE those people and we ARE seriously lacking in gratitude.

Having an attitude that is one of gratitude fills our lives with appreciation and tunes our mind into what matters to us. Perhaps more importantly it provides a stepping stone towards appreciating others and the valuable contribution that they make to our own lives.

So what is gratitude? It is to be grateful and thankful and to see those things that we appreciate and recognise as gifts in our lives.

Here are some things that you might like to be grateful for, if you are not already.

If you are blessed with relatively good health or you have access to health care then you are considerably luckier than more than one million people in the world who will not see out the end of this week.

If you can celebrate that which you feel passionately about with freedom of speech and you can attend the church of your choice this Sunday then you are luckier than over three billion other people in this world today.

If you have a roof over your head tonight and you can eat something today then you are luckier and richer than over seventy-five percent of the entire world's population.

If you have never experienced the fear of war, soul rending agony and terror of torture, the loneliness of forced imprisonment or the feeling of starvation then you are luckier that over five hundred million other people in the world today.

If you can read this email, which of course you can or you wouldn't have a computer (unlike over ninety five percent of the world's population) then you are better off than over two billion people in the world who cannot read or write.

On top of all those amazing blessings you are far more than your physical self and you have many friends in other dimensions of possibility who care about you and your well-being. Some call these beings guides, others refer to them as soul friends and soul groups. Their names are nothing compared to their love for you and their belief in what you can achieve.

I carry a symbolic talisman in my wallet and every time I open it I make a conscious effort to thank the universe for one thing that I have to be grateful for today. By the time I go to bed I have usually said a mental thank you for at least five or six things each day. Ever since I started that little routine I have changed a little each day and with it my life too has changed.

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By David Green

The British College of Dowsing