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Dowsing Dynamics

Dowsing dynamics is all about frequency. Everything in the cosmos is created of energy and energy is vibration. All vibrations have a frequency in and of themselves which resonate at their own level.

Effectively, the entirety of everything or ‘All that is’ (everything; which some call god, Brahman, Elohim etc) is a melting pot of frequencies of vibration that all fit somewhere into the band of all frequencies or vibration that exist. Those vibrations come under certain laws that dictate how they will respond under certain circumstances; attraction, cause and effect etc.

It is the subconscious, or what we described as our ‘unlimited consciousness’ that has the capacity to adjust its own frequency of vibration, to connect with all other vibrations outside of our own limited third dimensional consciousness and senses.  Put simply, when we are stuck inside our own self limiting earthly mental world, we are, for the most part, unable to do, see, hear, taste, smell and feel anything beyond that world. When we are less physically conscious or aware and we allow ourselves to connect with our own ‘unlimited consciousness’,  our entire being comes alive and is fully accessible to us at all levels and planes of  our being.

Dowsing, whether via a rod, pendulum or bobber (but more flexible through the pendulum) provides, what is in effect an interface between the dowser and their subconscious mind. We truly are amazing beings, and were we to allow ourselves to fully know this for just one moment we would understand that we are so much more than our physical selves. Indeed, quantum physics now acknowledges that consciousness itself is undetectable at a physical level. it can be seen, heard, even experimented with at mental and emotional levels, but it cannot be 'found' anywhere within the physical body, which is merely the earthly manifestation of that consciousness, awareness and 'knowing'.

Dowsing is the process by which we are able to use a physical tool in the form of a pendulum, rod or bobber to act as a conduit for unconscious knowledge and knowing which can be passed through the tool in the form of swinging, bobbing and turning motions. The entire process is either magical nor psychic, and works on unconscious muscle movements influencing those motions.

By David Green

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