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From spirit guides to angels... Dowsing information

Communicating With Spirit

From spirit guides, angels and ascended masters to lost souls and more, dowsing is one way of connecting with subtle energies on all levels and planes of consciousness.

Today, dowsing is used for many different reasons above and beyond the more well known and traditional form of dowsing or geomancy. The most spiritually inclined and adept practitioners of the art today use their knowledge and experience for healing, working for an on behalf of the living, as well as those who have passed on and into the many realms of the spirit world.

The College provides a range of courses in the area of spirit contact, for all levels of dowsing ability where students learn:

Connecting with spirit is a fundamental part of dowsing for it is through those energies or entities outside of our own physical world that great insights into our lives become possible, including connecting with the higher selves of those who have passed on. This process can be learned because we all have a latent psychic ability

or higher level of  intuition and knowing within our own consciousness.

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