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The British College of Dowsing

Our courses are written, designed and delivered by the college tutors who are also responsible for the delivery and support of all college programmes and online courses.

About The College Tutors & Key Personnel

College Principal - David Greene

An author,speaker and professional qualified trainer, his background lies in the more practical aspects of intuitive sciences, including spiritual pendulum dowsing, channeling, psychic protection, mind sciences and training.

David's work in soul communication, spirit release and psychic protection provides a real world foundation for anyone whose personal or professional orientation comes from alternative practices and knowledge, including dowsing, healing, alternative practices, hypnosis and  spiritual development. A popular presenter and enthusiastic personality with a wide range of knowledge, experience and intuitive skills, his  training courses and programmes are widely acknowledged as being among the best available today. Students consistently comment upon David's ability to convey complex spiritual issues with simplicity and ease of understanding. Perhaps his most unique ability lies in his skill in providing the perfect learning environment, content and practical experience for anyone to learn intuitive sciences relatively easily and effectively.

As a professionally qualified trainer and lecturer, David’s professional career spans over 30 years in both formal, adult and private education. David has appeared on radio and television on both sides of the Atlantic, and is a popular and well respected presenter and speaker.

College Administrator - Gina Hamilton & Sarah Watson

Gina and Sarah are the College and Courses Administrators. Together, they are responsible for the day-to-day administration and supervision of all student admissions, accounts and support. They are the most important link between the college principal, tutors, students and delegates, delivering a timely and professional level of service and support to everyone.

Mary-Beth Williams

Mary-Beth is a professionally trained teacher with over 25 years experience in all aspects of adult education and training. She has been a dowser for 20 years and is a also a qualified Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner.

A valuable member of the College staff, Mary-Beth is responsible for our online course development, and the management and maintenance of quality and standards of service.

Dorothy Collins

A professional dowser, flower essence practitioner and astrologer, Dorothy provides the professional input and guidance, as well as hands on training and support skills, for the delivery and development of our Intuition based workshops, courses and online training modules.

An experienced practitioner of many years, Her knowledge, wisdom and guidance are an important driver in the chosen structure and strategies for the delivery of our online learning programmes.

Brian Evans

Brain is a college tutor, and with over 15 years experience as a professional geomancer and pendulum dowser. A qualified teacher, Brian’s background lies in technical earth energy dowsing and teaching. He is also responsible for the administration of college course certification and quality control.

Specialist Coaches, Trainers and Practitioners

Whilst all college courses are designed, written and delivered by college tutors who have the professional qualifications and experience to meet our demanding standards, we do work closely with other specialists whose unique skills, qualifications and experience that we feel to be appropriate and complimentary to our own professional aims and objectives. Where external specialists have bee involved in the design, content and or delivery of a programme, their individual and specific contribution is noted in the appropriate programme or course information.

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