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Certification is NOT automatic and depends upon the course and its relevance to testing and accreditation by the College.

As a non-secular (secular, meaning non-spiritual) College, all certification is not accredited in the traditional sense, simply because such accreditation does not exists at this time. For this reason, and because we come from formal, professional, secular backgrounds as lecturers, teachers, trainers, writer or authors, we take ALL Certification very seriously indeed. We do so for two reasons:

  1. Certification without appropriate validation is worthless
  2. Any certification is a reflection of the quality of the College, its curriculum and standards of teaching and tuition, and achievement

It is for the above reasons, and not least because to do less would be professionally unacceptable to us, that all Certification is validated by formal testing and assessment of a student competence in the given subject for which a certificate or diploma is to be issued.

Sadly, despite the belief that accreditation means something, some secular education today in the UK has been devalued, and there exists a culture of refusal to fail students, resulting in continual assessment in place of proper examinations and competence based assessment. Hence, almost every student today apparently qualifying for a degree, and employers requiring higher and higher qualifications as proof of ability. Is is not our job, nor our desire, to issue certificates simply for the sake of doing so, and it is important that those participating understand that no certification is given unless is has been earned through tested evidence of ability, knowledge and competence in the chosen area of study and to the level required by the College.

Our philosophy exists, not for accreditation, but for our professional satisfaction in knowing that a The British College of Dowsing Certificate or Diploma means something. We make no apology for this, and despite staring in the face of political correctness gone mad, we see no reason to compromise on our standards merely because it means that those who cannot achieve our standards will not receive certification. Above all, we demand that our Certification means something in the real world because it reflects the genuine achievement, hard work and skill of those who acquire it.


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