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Absolutely, yes!

Can Anyone Dowse?

Can anyone learn to dowse? Dowsing is a skill just like any other, and it can be learned by anyone relatively easily and quite quickly. Some people may take to it more easily that others, and the level that they achieve may be different over time, but to all intents and purposes, anyone can dowse. Probably the most important factor in determining ability is practise

How Dowsing Works

The human organism is affected by electro-magnetic fields. We have three sensors: one in the pituitary gland and two in the adrenal glands that are very effective at picking up electromagnetic energies. Their effectiveness lies in the fact that there are three of them which provide three  points of reference, making detection much easier and potentially more accurate.

An energy flow of any kind creates an electromagnetic field which can be picked up by our internal sensors which includes the subconscious mind, by the way. Just like our ears can detect volume, pitch and the direction of sound and our eyes can detect shades of light and colour these sensors seem to be able to pick up patterns of energy and their direction.

The process goes something like this:

The internal sensory system  picks up an electrical frequency, signal or current underground, or indeed above ground for that matter too. The conscious mind is totally unaware of it until the unconscious; through involuntary muscle movements or a ‘feeling’ that we need to be aware of something, nudges us into conscious awareness of it.

Have you ever have had ‘a feeling’ about something  and have been proved right? If so, then that was your unconscious mind being ‘intuitive’. Dowsing enables us to literally ‘tap’ into that intuition on demand.

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By Brian Evans

The British College of Dowsing