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The Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency

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Dowsing Certification that means something in the real world…

The greatest challenges with dowsing lie in its public image; due to ignorance or natural skepticism about its use and validity, and the obvious lack of an accepted level of more formal, organised and credible competence based training and assessment.

The British College if probably one of the few dowsing organisations in the world today that has both the professional educational credibility in terms of professionally qualified instruction, and a formally structured  programme of dowsing courses, comprehensive support and training activities. We are professionally qualified trainers who teach dowsing to the highest level of competence, and our goal is not to run courses for the sake of it, but to enable proper dowsing practices, protocols and etiquette through professional training, and where possible, competence based assessment that has real value in terms of credibility.

To that end we are very proud to be able to announce the release of the first of our exclusive and unique online dowsing assessment programmes.  Specifically designed to professionally assess and, therefore, accurately validate, pure dowsing ability, this means that serious dowsers everywhere can now provide credible evidence of their dowsing skill to a proven and measured level.

The Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency

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The Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency