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An introduction to the concept of frequencies and spiritual energies

An Introduction To Frequency

A human being is a spiritual entity occupying what is essentially a dense physical vehicle that facilitates the experience of living in the three dimensional environment. As such and because we are connected to the other levels and planes of consciousness by our Etheric Field; which is essentially a higher frequency of electromagnetic energy, other energy forms or vibrations are attracted and able to attach to us.

This attachment which can also occur on other levels and planes of consciousness can be hindered, halted and even repelled by creating additional or protective subtle energy fields within and around our own body. The process, quite naturally, is called ‘Psychic Protection’ and involves us in literally calling in and/or manufacturing our own vibrational protection barriers or frequencies.

At a physical level at least human beings are nothing more or less than electro-chemical biological computers. Everything that we are physically is merely a mass of water, carbon, chemicals and electronic signals, all controlled and programmed unconsciously by external conditions that are inputted into our system through five sophisticated but relatively limited sense organs - sight, touch, sound, smell and taste.

At a basic level that really is all that there is to it, except perhaps for one very important aspect …

Science has prodded, probed, dissected and microscopically examined the entire human organism and in every case it has been singularly and indisputably unable to find ‘us’ (you and me) anywhere in there. ‘We’ cannot be found anywhere within our own body. Our consciousness seems to reside somewhere else. We do of course exist at some level, but science does not know where that is nor what ‘form’ it takes. The more that science delves into the sub-atomic world the more it seems to stumble across old universal truths about life, the universe and the nature of ‘All That Is’. The gap between science and spirituality appears to be closing it would seem?

What we do know (from the ancient wisdoms and now from science itself) is that the entire cosmos is a melting pot of frequencies of vibration. Everything at all levels and planes of existence actually exists as nothing more that frequencies. It is only their rate of vibration that seems to determine our perception of form and density.   

We also know at a scientific level that human beings are sensitive to certain frequencies although the scientific jury is out as to what level and extent. However, if the entire cosmos is just frequency and there is no difference between a chair, a table, a rock or a person, except their frequency and the rate at which they vibrate, then how could we tell the difference if it were not for some predetermined programme that ‘informs’ us of our reality AND gives us the ability, at an amazingly sophisticated level, to differentiate between the billions of frequencies that make up our third dimensional reality?

Sight and hearing function as a process of distinguishing frequencies of light and sound and so our ability to perceive, process, analyse and categorise frequencies requires no questions merely acceptance of the obvious.

Theosophy, spiritualism, the occult, Buddhism, Hinduism and especially the teaching of Christ tell us that the cosmos consists of many levels and planes of consciousness (‘in my father’s house there are many mansions’ etc). Those planes consist of seven levels in which all forms of consciousness that have ever existed reside, some good and some bad. Access to those levels is generally attained through the lower and higher Astral which is the second level after the physical plane. It is on that plane that all manner of spirits and entities reside. In the lower Astral their concerns are often for themselves and not for our well-being and this is primarily why we need to acknowledge their presence and protect ourselves from them.

These ‘beings’ are frequencies and they range from the lowest and most malevolent to some of the highest of all. Unlike us however, they do not have the ability to experience the physical. The thirst of the lower frequencies for physical and material experience drives many of them to attempt to experience it by attaching themselves to physical beings through whom they can by default satisfy their needs.

As with all frequencies, ‘like attracts like’. Human emotion rides the tide of frequencies, rising and falling with each changed emotional state.  When a state is equal to that craved by like frequencies it will attract them. When we engage in spiritual activity we open a door that can provide these frequencies with a window of opportunity, regardless  of our own frequency.

Words, intent, images, colours and sounds are all nothing more than frequencies. By using words, images, colours, and even sounds (intonation of words) we can literally create any frequency that we desire, even and especially frequencies of protection that form psychic barriers that can block, repel and protect. If you liked this article and you want to read more, subscribe to our regular updates, resources, videos and articles service.

By David Green

The British College of Dowsing