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About Psychic Protection

Psychic protection is a serious area of esoteric study, and it is not something to be taken lightly, entered into unnecessarily or dabbled with out of intellectual curiosity.

The subject of psychic self defence, or what many people call psychic protection is vast, and it is relevant to all areas of spiritual, esoteric, occult or alternative practices.

There are indeed many trains of thought on this subject, including new age concepts and ideas in which some people seem to believe that just by thinking of love and light is its own protection. Whilst this my be arrogant, and naive to say the least, it is their personal opinion to which they are entitled. Our concern, however lies in the fact that these people extol these beliefs to other less discerning individuals without the slightest piece of evidence to back them up, save their own apparent experience of not being attacked psychically. I often wonder at the motives of such people in making such irresponsible statements, and then I am reminded that ‘the devil looks after his own’.

The great challenge with the idea that one has  ‘not been attacked’ is that one never knows unless one is knowledgeable about such matters, because attack comes in many forms, including subtle influences that turn a usually sensible and respectful individual into one who ignores common sense and flies in the face of caution, including demonstrating a clear lack of discernment in such matters.

It is not our place to judge others and their beliefs , however, from our own extensive experience in this field, we would suggest that, whilst believing may indeed be seeing for some people, this subject holds more than mere superstition or misguided beliefs in simplistic concepts like good and evil. Indeed, it is one that exists within and between all extremes of shape, size, and colour, encompassing the entire spectrum of energies, frequencies and forces that exist on all levels and panes of consciousness. It is also true that many less harmfully motivated frequencies and energies can be unintentionally noxious to the human consciousness and energetic state.

Whilst it is not our intention to frighten you, nor to create unnecessary anxiety, the facts speak for themselves, with both historical and current events demonstrating only too clearly the potential for the ethereal world to impact the physical with resounding effect. More of this later, but and it is none-the-less so that when we apply common sense, suspend our egos for just one moment, and acknowledge our limitations the need for any form of psychic defence diminished considerably, for as with electricity, the power always goes only where it is directed until something or someone decides to put their finger into the socket...

In effect, all spiritual, esoteric, occult and alternative practices and activities do,  to a lesser or greater degree, act as a conduit for psychic forces. When practiced with disregard for spiritual law and protection protocols these activities become a magnet for less balanced and intrusive frequencies in one form or another.

Our warning, therefore, is simple:

Failure to practice discernment, to show respect and due caution for all frequencies and energies invites unwanted attention, experiences and outcomes.

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By David Green

The British College of Dowsing